Employment in India-from dividend to disaster?

Current Employment Scenario :

The employed section is approximately 400m. There is a huge cushioning to this number by way of disguised unemployment specially in the agricultural sector. This can be gleamed from the fact that agriculture employs 51% of all labour but only contributes about 12–13% to GDP.

  1. We are staring at a huge job crisis. By 2030, will need employment opportunities for estimated 1.2 billion population that will be seeking livelihood. We need to lay the foundation now.
  2. We need to recognise the unemployment/under employment present in agriculture right now and move the large % of unproductive population into the unemployed category while estimating the quantum of jobs.
  3. The immediate need is to increase the labour force participation rate and specifically increase participation of women in the labour force from the current abysmal 27% to about 65% (on par with BRICS nations).
  4. To do the above, we need to create a “dazzling array of possibilities” to present. Once these are presented there is no doubt that people will take them up. What these possibilities are is the million dollar question.The real challenge lies in identifying the sectors and ways that can provide these opportunities.



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